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Technical glasses

Glass and ceramic flats/tubes/rods as well as customer defined shapes.

Borosilicate, sodalime, sapphire, fused quartz, Glass-ceramics for applications such as Lighting, Electronics and Sight-glasses.

Technical glasses bild 1.JPG
Technical glasses bild 2 beskuren.jpg

With optional surface treatments 

  • Frosted

  • Etched

  • Anti-reflective (by etching or coating)

  • Reflective (in various grades)

  • Thin-layer deposits for heat-reflecting, anti-UV...

  • Thermally or chemically toughened

  • Screen-printing

  • Ceramic paint

We also offer

  • ceramics (SiC, AL2O3, Si3N, Si3N4)

  • plastics (PMMA, PC in tubular or flats).

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