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Fiber optics and LEDs

Nanoptio offers all kinds of fiberoptics for both lighting purposes as well as for image purposes - single fiberbundles, multiple fiberbundles, lightlines, ringlights, backlights, faceplates, image rods...made from either optical glass or Fused Silica with the desired ferrules/connectors and sheating.

Most of the products we sell are customer specified but we also sell "standard" products for machine vision.

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Nanoptio can offer LED-lighting solutions for most applications incl. driver and hardware as

well as combine LEDs with fiberoptics if desired.


We have developed a series of LED-drivers with both analogue dimming and pwm-control,

ranges between supply voltage / DC in: 3,3 - 70V, output current up to 4 A depending on


We can deliver the drivers as assembled boards or with the desired casing, connectors and AC/DC-powersource.

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